Why I Showed Up Early To The School Pick Up Line

Today, I got in the school pick-up line a whole hour early.

There were already at least a dozen cars parked, so I’m not the only crazy lady here.

I used to arrive super early all the time. When my oldest was in Kindergarten, I was a nervous wreck constantly. Mostly because he was (and still is) the type of child who NEEDS his daily routine. I never wanted him to wait more than five minutes to see my car pull up.

My kids attend a really big school, so arriving for pick up early isn’t a terrible idea anyhow, if you have the time to kill.

This year, as I now have two kiddos in school, I’ve calmed down about NEEDING to get in line early.

But, today, I pulled into the school parking lot a whole hour early.

I had a productive morning at home. Shit got done. But my two year old hadn’t napped yet, so when I looked at the clock and it said 2:15pm, I told myself, fuck it – let’s get in the car.

So, I load up the Little Guy, his blanket, favorite stuffed puppy, and his lovey. I wear one of my husband’s oversized Walmart-brand sweaters that make me look like Angela from My So-Called Life, and bring my giant, purple throw blanket from the living room. We make it to the school by 2:30 and that’s all the time it took for Little Guy to fall asleep.

We park.

And I recline.

Nothing is wrong.

What I feel is simple…

It’s quiet in here. My car says it’s 38 degrees outside and I have my heat set to 80. I hear little nasal snores from the back seat, but other than that, it’s just me, the heater, and my giant blanket. I feel peace.

Does anyone else enjoy the simplicity of quiet?

All day, every day, I am surrounded by noise. One husband, three kids, two dogs.

Barking, screaming, YouTube, crying, running feet, laughing…

“Mom! What’s there to eat?!”

“Babe! I thought you bought coffee creamer!”

“Mom! What’s for dinner?!”



OMG, why do YouTubers scream so much? Seriously, I have had times when I thought one of my kids was on fire. I come running in the room ready to Mama-Bear the fuck out of someone hurting my kid – and it’s freaking youtube.


I like my occasional quiet. It’s my “Me Time.” If the laundry is kind of done and the floor is mopped, why not reward myself with the laziness of me lounging in the pick up line? Why not enjoy one whole hour of a comfy blanket and my quiet thoughts?

Because Lord knows…

At 3:30, the noise comes back.

It’s a noise I would never, ever change.

I’m just enjoying my break.

And I think that’s ok.


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