Bunker Life Day One: We Got This

Lord help me. My kids discovered the cookies I hid.

One day into Bunker Life and I can already picture how quickly we’re going to run out of food. Maybe I should have bought more. Maybe I should have just hid the cookies better. Either way – they found the effing cookies and now they’re rummaging to see what other goodies I’ve bought and not told them about.


I’m trying to treat this Saturday as any other normal weekend (except I refuse to leave the house).

Oldest has been wearing only underwear and his glasses all day. Daughter is wearing a dress, pretending she’s a princess. Little Guy is still in his PJ’s.

Pretty sure no one in the house has brushed teeth yet.

All morning, YouTube has been blaring from Oldest’s Chromebook. Daughter has been playing dolls. Little Guy is terrorizing everyone by climbing counters and stealing Daughter’s toys.

The Husband is getting things accomplished in the garage. I have been picking up clutter and doing some writing.

All-in-all, it has been a normal day.

However, I’m now sitting here, haunted by the thought that beginning Monday, I should really implement some sort of routine for us all. The kids will have school work to do. I should really make them three square meals every day. They’ll need some entertainment. I don’t want this extended Spring Break to become a Summer Vacation.

The ex-preschool teacher in me is excited with lots of ideas for keeping us busy.

The tired mom in me wants to keep wearing PJ’s and fill a sippy cup with wine.

I know I’ll do the responsible thing and get my shit together so the kids don’t suffer.

I know that’s what we all will do. Keep on keeping on because that is what our kids need from us.

The scary stuff is already happening around us. Now it’s time for us parents to nut up or shut up.

I’m going to continue worrying, checking the news, and cleaning my house. Every day, when my husband gets home from work, I’ll probably make him strip naked and throw his clothes straight in the laundry.

CoronaBonus: looks like we’ll be stripping naked a lot.

Anyway, here’s my point – as parents, we have the power to set the tone for our children’s day. We have the power to show them that it’s OK to prepare, but life does go on.

When you’re sitting alone with your thoughts, it’s so easy to fall into that “how am I going to keep it together for my kids?” hole. But ya know what? We just do.

Moms and Dads: give yourselves a little more credit right now. We got this.

I took a shower and changed from PJ’s to a moo-moo, because, Bunker Life.

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