Already In Need Of Supplies

We ran out of dog food today.

I shopped at Giant Eagle last Friday and bought enough Spaghettios and Twinkies to last a lifetime but I forgot the freaking dog food.

We have two dogs: Eleanor Rigby and Penny Lane. They are what you would consider medium-sized dogs. They are Boxer/Pit mixes.

Yeah, yeah, those are mean breeds.

Screw you. No they’re not.

Eleanor and Penny are the most gentle dogs you will ever meet. They’re still kind of puppies, so they’re a little wild – other than that, they’re SO good. Little Guy often likes to play the game: “I Wonder How Far I Can Shove My Hands in the Dogs’ Mouths.” And, he hasn’t lost a finger yet. They love him.

So, anyway, dog food.

I guess they need to eat too, so, oops.

My three kiddos and I have not left the house in over a week now. So, Hubs has selflessly volunteered to get the dog food later today.

He suggested I make a list of more things we might want to stock up on so we can keep living Bunker Life comfortably. So I did. I made a list and texted it to him (because he’s still freaking working in this shitty dystopia).

Now…I’m not gonna lie…I’m feeling a little guilty that he has to be the one to do this.

My SAHM job duties include shopping.

Hang on, judgy bitches, I don’t HAVE to do the shopping. I WANT to. Grocery shopping is my jam. I can coupon like a mutha and deal-hunting is my hobby. Honestly, I’m kind of the shit when it comes to getting free toothpaste.

SO, I’m feeling a little guilty, though, that I can’t do one of the things I’m used to contributing to our household. It sucks that Hubs still has to work all day through this Coronavirus BS and now ontop of it, he’s going to make a grocery run while the kids and I watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on repeat.

I really wish Toodles could Mousekatool us some dog food right now.

I told Hubs that I feel like I’m sending him off to a dangerous battle. I keep seeing all these photos and news stories where store shelves are emptied and people are buying guns and ammo like crazy. I definitely worry that he’s going to have a run-in with some psycho and we’ll see him on the news fighting over the last bag of dog food.

I guess that’s life right now, though. Continuous worry and grocery runs. Social Distancing and Bunker Life.

C’est la vie.

For now, all I can do is hope for the best when my man goes off to battle…


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