Coronavirus Trolls

Internet Trolls suck.

Trolls are the ass-hats that comment on social media posts with the intention to either get a rise out of others or start an argument. Even when citing facts, Trolls thrive on provoking and poking the bear. Their opinion itself is never the quarrel-starter. It’s their “passive-aggressive, close-minded, screw you, I’m right” attitude.

There are definitely a lot more characteristics to a Troll. These are just the basics. And really – I’m sure if you’ve figured out how to reach my blog, you’re probably internet-savvy enough to know about Trolls. So, we’re good on that.

Coronavirus and the impending Apocalypse have brought out the best of (or worst of) Keyboard Warriors.

Meme Trolls

These are people who comment on an article or post using a meme instead of their own words. Maybe they were already thinking it and they just happen to come across a photo that says it better? I don’t know. The thing about this is – it’s usually funny. Annnnd, I like funny.

But, to be clear, THE JOKE is funny. Not the ass-hat telling it.

Just Sayin’ Trolls

Trolls who cite facts, but still NEED to let you know they’re right by ending the comment with, “just sayin’.”

Misinformation Trolls

These douchebags either comment on news articles or group posts with complete misinformation. Shit that totally isn’t true. They heard their brother’s best friend’s opinion about China, and they’ve taken it as fact without bothering to look it up.

They unwittingly begin rumors that then spread crazy fast because, ya know, other Trolls…

It’s Just MY Opinion, But…

This phrase directly translates to: “I’m right, you’re wrong. Let’s argue.”

“Shared” Information Trolls

How many posts have you seen circulating that are forwarded messages or screenshots, stating, “please share this so your friends and family can prepare?”

Most recently, in a local Facebook group of mine, there was a screenshot of a text message to someone from a “reliable source,” saying that Martial Law was coming soon to our area and we needed to be ready to deal.

What the F? Seriously.

Media Blamers

These Trolls continuously refuse to listen to fact or opinion. Their reasoning is simple: blame the media. The media created the virus. The media is trying to scare you. The media is downplaying the severity. The media is responsible for my bad mood and yours.

Let’s be honest here…

Trolls exist year-round, even when we aren’t all afraid of dying.

Trolls are just people who constantly have a need to be heard. They’re angry or sad about their own lives for some reason and arguing with strangers from their couch makes them feel better.

I think.

Who knows, really?

Truthfully, I enjoy reading what the Keyboard Warriors have to say because it’s usually entertaining. To me, it’s like watching a reality TV show. I can’t wait to read the next terrible thing some stranger says. I can’t believe some of the ignorance out there, but at the same time, I can’t look away.

Hey, maybe I’m being a Troll too, by posting what I think of Trolls?


I guess if you disagree, you can look away from my trainwreck of a blog…

Or keep reading for that cringey entertainment that I also enjoy. At least we have that in common.

Either way, I’m still here.


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