Coffee Talk With My 6-Year-Old

My 6-year-old daughter asks A LOT of questions.

While I completely understand her growing brain’s need for knowledge, I am often astounded by the randomness of the things she asks.

I very much want to give her all the answers she craves. I want to talk with her and help her understand the complexity of life.

But I also want to drink my coffee in peace.

This kid is curious. Her brain spits out questions faster than I can answer, most times.

She wants to know facts about life, the dogs, me, her brothers, Dad, Grandma, school, Earth, shopping…

She wants to learn how to spell, how to dance, and when she will become a master artist.

She never seems to worry…only wonder.

  • Does our car smell like coconut?
  • When is my bruise going to go away?
  • Do dogs get boogers?
  • Mice have eyes, nose, whiskers, and what else?
  • Mommy, does ‘seagull’ start with ‘V’?
  • What letter does ‘Lilo’ start with?
  • Is today Wednesday? (It’s Saturday)
  • So, Wednesday is tomorrow?
  • Does Summer start after Spring?
  • So, Summer is next week?
  • Does Goofy have a tall hat?
  • Do I have blood in my body?
  • How many words start with ‘M’?
  • What is the difference between these dots?
  • Do dogs get tired?
  • Mom, can you solve equations?
  • Wait, what’s an equation?
  • Is this ’13’?
  • When will the sun rise up, bigger and bigger?
  • Can I wear a helmet today?
  • Do babies have shoulders?

These are all seriously questions from the past 20 minutes.

Bless her heart, but dear Lord, I need more coffee.

After she has exhausted her own questions, she starts giving ME facts. Tidbits that she thinks I should know and at the exact same rate of random.

  • Some people take off their rings at night.
  • Dogs have bones, blood, and fur.
  • When you’re a baby, mommys put powder and water in a bottle and shake it.
  • Dogs have whiskers.
  • And cats.
  • Oh, and mouses and puppies.
  • Walruses have big teeth that stick out of their mouth.
  • When you paint your nails, they need to dry.

Some day, many years from now, I am going to share all of this with her.

I will remind her how simple her life was as a child and how all she ever wanted was to understand.

I will tell her how I drank my morning coffee while marveling at her ability to speak so fast.

I will let her know that even when it seemed like I wasn’t listening, I was.

She and I will laugh about the ‘silly’ things that came out of her mouth and how I just kept sipping that coffee.

I will tell her how funny it was that after she ran down her list of facts for me, she declared that she was ‘tired of talking,’ and proceeded to cuddle up next to me and ask for my arm around her.

I am a TIRED Mama.

And sometimes, dear Lord, I just need my coffee.

But, I will always love and laugh about my baby girl’s crazy questions and facts.


3 thoughts on “Coffee Talk With My 6-Year-Old

  1. Reading this blog reminded me of my daughter. She was exactly as you describe. Enjoy your little girl, they grow up so fast!


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