How To Make The Best Of Socially Distant Grocery Shopping

It is NO secret to those who know me that I LOVE grocery shopping.

I “extreme coupon.” Deal-hunting is an obsession. It is my happy place.

I have an enormous binder where I keep all my paper coupons and yes, I haul it to every store.

So…Socially Distant grocery shopping? Ugh! My husband has been doing any and all shopping lately. I haven’t left our house in over two weeks. I am so thankful that Hubs is temporarily taking on this responsibility but I am POSITIVE my binder misses me.

So, here’s what we did…

To make his life just a little easier and so I can go places with him and see the outside world…

I virtually shop with him.

It’s easy. This is how it works: Hubs connects some fancy wireless headphones to his phone. We start a video call. He sets his phone in his front shirt pocket, camera facing outward. And boom! I’m in the store with him.

This has become both super useful and fun for us! I can see everything he sees. I just read him my list and direct him where to go in the store.

Yes, of course he can go shopping on his own. He doesn’t NEED me to help him from afar. But, come on, in these crazy times, we have to find some unique ways to entertain ourselves!

Seriously, what could make his shopping experience more fun than all the strange looks he gets from others as I direct him to “look up, look down, a little more to the left, and please hold that closer to your shirt?” I think it’s especially funny when he answers me with other people in the aisle who don’t realize he has a wife in his ear and in his pocket.

Hey…Gotta keep our sense of humor and creativity at times like this!


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