Dining in Style During Covid-Isolation

Last week, we had a Fancy Dinner Party.

Because, why the hell not?

To be clear, it wasn’t an actual party. Just Mommy & Daddy, plus three kiddos.

There is a long list of stuff we can’t take our kids to do right now. We can’t go out to eat, can’t go to the park, can’t take them shopping…No movies, no jump parks, no arcades, no bowling…They can’t see their friends. We can’t hang out with family.

So, we started getting creative.

While Hubs was still at work, my daughter and I got all dolled up. We put on dresses, makeup, and did our hair. I let her raid my jewelry and pick out some of the most sparkly, blinging pieces.

My two sons didn’t dress up, but, ya know…boys.

But Daddy absolutely put on his suit and tie to impress his ladies!

We kept dinner simple.

Steak in the oven. Asparagus.

Funyons, Ruffles, and cans of soda.

A Better Homes & Gardens scented candle for ambiance.

It’s pretty safe to say that this was a Mom and Dad win. And it was SO SIMPLE AND EASY. Most good ideas are! The kids had fun. We ate good. Everyone went to bed happy.


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