Ohio Schools Closed Remainder Of Year & I Am Mourning My Children’s Loss

Well. It happened. We knew it was coming, but it still feels shocking.

We are in Ohio.

Yesterday, Governor Mike DeWine announced that schools will stay closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year.

In my own situation, I am really OK with it. I’m a stay-at-home parent already and we are finally getting used to distance learning. I have no doubt that my children and I can successfully complete this year’s school work at home.

But, here’s what’s making me sad:

My babies still can’t see their friends.

My daughter is in Kindergarten. This is a really important year for her. Structure and social interaction is EVERYTHING at her age.

Her teacher, Miss S, has gone above and beyond these past few weeks. She is in constant contact with families and she hosts two Zoom meetings per week for the class. My daughter lives for seeing Miss S and her buddies those two days.

But, the fact remains: it’s all virtual.

Kids need to play. And they need to play TOGETHER. They need to learn the social cues of others. Learn self-discipline, self-esteem, empathy…

Yeah, I can teach my kids that stuff at home. But for a child, doing is the best learning.

It breaks my heart that my 6-year-old social butterfly is missing out on her first real, full-time experience of school. The playgrounds are empty. Gym classes aren’t full of excited little ones, learning to throw and catch balls with oneanother. My girl isn’t sitting on a carpet every morning with 20 of her best buds, hearing a story and singing songs.

My daughter isn’t making new friends. She isn’t having arguments with current friends and learning to resolve them on her own. She isn’t learning how every family is different by seeing and interacting with kids from other backgrounds.

She is missing out on some pretty basic, but SUCH important, stuff!

My son…He is in second grade. I do worry about him, but not in the same ways.

What was true, even before schools closed, is that he is currently enthralled in the virtual world of video games. He plays Fortnite. ALL. THE. TIME. He is all about YouTube. He prays for the day we let him have his own YouTube channel.

My son has been able to connect with his school buddies over the internet, while playing games. This was his fun, months before things went to shit in Ohio – so it doesn’t worry me, really.

My main concern with my boy is this: I am incredibly concerned that my inability to teach him Common Core Math is going to eff up the future of his career as a student.

Dear Common Core Math,

EFF YOU and all your comparison bars, dots, sticks, hundred boxes, and whatever the hell else you are doing that makes my kid incapable of carrying the motherf***ing 1.

And, by the way, screw you for making me use Google every time we do math, thus revealing to my kid that I am NOT the know-all he has always believed in.

I hope you die.


That Bitch Who is Changing Up Math At Home

Yeah, yeah.

I keep saying it:

It’s OK.

We are OK.

It’s going to be OK.

But, today…

Just let me be sad for what my kids are missing out on and the subjects I struggle to teach.

It’s gonna be OK….But, today, let me mourn what we have lost.


2 thoughts on “Ohio Schools Closed Remainder Of Year & I Am Mourning My Children’s Loss

  1. Yep we feel ya, thank goodness my kids are in HS and college and can do their own thing, although I am editing college papers before he submits them.
    And I had to teach 5th grade math a few yrs ago, it’s no fun! The main thing kids HAVE to learn is multiplication, not relying on calculators. I was teaching high schoolers until school closed and they rely on calculators, no one knows multiplication 😦


  2. Your right, it sucks big balls, big hairy balls…made you laugh:) The plus side is kids are resilient. The irony of all this so-called ‘new tecky social distancing’ I’m remembering adults and kids walking down the street with their noses practically pressed to the surface of their cell phones. Those movies of kids having to be pried off their TV’s scolded to go outdoors. Jokes on us people, FU COVID-19. Your like that grandma who lets your kid get away with murder, stuff them with candy, and then sends them home On Facebook I left a meme and I quote’ I have hummed Happy Birthday while I wash my hands so many times I think I aged a year’.
    This message is designed for you to see a brighter germy-free day:) You are hilarious even at the height of pissiness:)
    Hang in there and stay safe.


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