Becoming A Crafty Quarantine B*tch

What the hell is it about quarantine that makes me want to get crafty?

I am NOT a crafty person. My art skills pretty much stop at the preschool level.

F*cking Pinterest.

I usually scoff at repurposing old shit to make art. But here I am – 6 soup cans deep in making tin lanterns.

Don’t worry – I have zero plans to open an Etsy store and even if craft fairs were still happening, I am not that ambitious.  You are completely safe from me trying to sell you anything!

I love arts and crafts. I do. I have just never really been that type of person. I feel like if I can buy it already made, why do it myself?

I’m just SO FRIGGING SICK of laundry.

And dishes.

And school work.

And we live in Ohio. So even though it’s Spring – the weather is acting like it’s going through menopause. One day it is sunny and warm – the next, it’s low 50’s and our heat has to be turned on.

So, I suppose with how cooped up I’ve been, getting my crafty bitch on was inevitable at some point.

I’m actually proud, though. I’ve started making things that I never dreamt I was capable of.

Shout out to my hubs for teaching me how to use some tools I needed!

And my lanterns look good!

I’m feeling an awesome sense of accomplishment that I haven’t felt in forever. I swear to God, I was in tears after the first one came out so nice.

Quarantine has turned me in to one crafty, sappy, blubbering bitch.

With that in mind – it is not lost on me that your 10 year wedding anniversary is “tin.”

…I scoured Pinterest to find a tin craft that could be an anniversary gift to the hubs. Something I could use my new skills to make.

I did find an idea.

I tried and failed miserably.

I guess I’ll stick with lanterns for now.


One thought on “Becoming A Crafty Quarantine B*tch

  1. I love those lantrens. I’m same as you although I’ve been known to go overboard with a craft then dropping it forever. Like my crocheting. I now have washcloths for life and 2 huge Queen size blankets that we don’t use.
    I’m waiting for my Diamond kit. That should keep me busy for a while. Thanks for the reminder I’m so freakin happy my kids are grown! My deepest symathies, I feel ya.


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