Trendy Dad Shit

Being a dad in 2020 no longer means Wrangler jeans and mowing the lawn in white sneakers from Wal-Mart.

Dads have evolved.

They’ve become more hip.

….No, really.

Dads have gotten a lot cooler lately.

They might not be all about Pinterest or  viral videos like Trendy Moms.

But they do some cool shit.

Some Trendy Dad Shit.

They Drink FANCY Beer

Fancy beer is more manly than it has ever been.

Think of it this way:

Natty Lite is what you drink first..Probably in high school when you’re too young and don’t know any better.

Throughout your 20’s, you move on to Budweiser and Miller Lite – You can drink that stuff all day.

It isn’t until you hit your 30’s that you realize you’ve been drinking piss water for years.

And you finally graduate to the big boy stuff. The craft beers and IPA’s with the 7-10% alcohol content. The shit that you sip on slowly because you’re a man now, and men don’t binge drink – they ENJOY their beer.

You mow that lawn on a hot summer day – you reward yourself with an ice cold Great Lakes IPA on the front porch.

You don’t need to chug it.

It’s enough to just lean back and let the smells of grass and summer mix into your taste buds.

My hubs has been drinking Great Lakes for years now, and I don’t think he will never look back!

And hey – Trendy Dads! Bonus if you drink your beer out of a glass.

I’m not gonna lie…I have zero idea what any of these are actually called. I just know they’re cool. And you look cool drinking out of them.

They Have Bromances

Manly men who have kids and drink grown up beer are absolutely entitled to a bromance or two.

Bonus if the bromance is between you and a sibling or your own father – because, honestly, nothing is cooler than a dad loving his dad.

And ya know what else is awesome about a bromance?

Bros don’t gossip (as much as women).

They chill on a deck, drink their IPA’s, talk about building shit and whose grass looks greener…Maybe swap fertilizer reccomendations…

Yeah, they talk about women, but probably not as much as you’d expect…

And, hey – you can completely trust the duo to watch the kids in the yard while they’re chilling, because everyone knows that dads have cat-like reflexes when they see a kid about to get hurt.

Dad Jokes

Dad jokes are usually cringe-worthy and kind of dumb.

But thanks to the internet, they’re cool now!

There are entire websites dedicated to them. They inspire memes. And, come on, your young kids at least think they’re hilarious.

Dads Who Cook

Grilling is a time-honored tradition of dads.

But it’s not all they can do!

Some dads cook every meal always.

Some have “specialties.”

In our house, the hubs makes breakfast. French toast and omelets are what the kids beg for. They don’t even want to see me in the kitchen on a Sunday morning!

Dumb Dad Shit

There is absolutely some Trendy Dad Shit that I am not on board with.

I’m talking man buns and gag gifts.

I guess all things considered, it’s a pretty short list.

I just think man buns look ridiculous and gag gifts are only funny when they happen once in a while.

And, for the love of God, don’t buy your dad a gag gift unless it has some underlying sentimental meaning to you guys.

True story – One year for Christmas (or maybe a birthday), I gifted my father a wallet that says “Bad Motherf***er.” I know damn well he never ever uses it, but it was funny with a touch of sentiment because for YEARS my father has introduced me to many classic movies and shows that include countless one-liners we often reference.

(Don’t worry, I didn’t see Pulp Fiction until I was of an appropriate age and the wallet gift was given as an adult!)

Trendy Dad Shit

Sorry ladies. I know it seems that I have a little more respect for dads…But maybe that’s just because I don’t have to “compete” with a whole community of them like moms do.

I think my kids have a pretty Trendy Dad and I think he’s pretty cool for it.

I also think MY dad is pretty cool too (though I kind of think he still wears those white Wal-Mart shoes).

What kind of Trendy Dad Shit do you think is cool?


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