People I Want To Dropkick, Part IV: Nothing Is Ever Good Enough For Me

The same former acquaintance who described me as “always having a chip on my shoulder,” also declared that “nothing was ever good enough for me.”

Well, former acquaintance, again, you have hit the nail on the head.

Nothing is ever good enough for me.

Let me tell you why:

If nothing is ever good enough, that means progress is happening.

Why settle for good enough?

When you can do better?

You know what’s not good enough for me?

The pay gap that still exists between men and women.

The social injustices in America due to racial bias.

How about a justice system that continuously fails victims of domestic abuse?

Or schools that boast inclusion initiatives, only to overlook children with IEP’s and families who fall just short of qualifying for financial assistance?

There is no shortage of shit in the world that is just simply not good enough for me.

And to not recognize such things, automatically earns you a spot on my Dropkick List.

Oh, here’s one I’m extra passionate about: the minimum requirements needed in Ohio to work in child care.

Basically, if you have a high school diploma and take four classes, you are qualified to teach Preschool.

Have you ever taught a class full of 3-year-olds? No.

OK, so this is your first teaching gig. You’ve at least acquired a degree in Early Childhood Education? No.

OK…But, you’ve taken classes on child development, inclusion, and environmental growth? Nope.

Uh…Health and safety? A 6-hour course on first aid and CPR!

Great! You’re hired!

Wait, I also took the mandatory class on recognizing signs of child abuse!

Well, shit. Why didn’t you say so? That earns you a couple extra bucks an hour!


A child’s brain develops most rapidly between birth and age 5.

But it’s good enough to hire staff who have no formal training in childhood development. It’s good enough to assume that because a teacher was once a child, they MUST understand the cognitive development associated with play and making choices. Oh, and it’s definitely good enough to assume that any high school graduate knows the value of a teachable moment versus time-outs.

You know what they say when you ASSUME…

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to ever let anything be good enough.

Change starts with YOU.

And ME.

Is that good enough for you?


One thought on “People I Want To Dropkick, Part IV: Nothing Is Ever Good Enough For Me

  1. No! You are correct! Good enough should never be enough! In fact I hate that saying! Fact is people are just too lazy to try for better then good enough. It’s easier to leave things the same rather then try to make a change. But you keep striving for better. I strongly believe if you work hard and are honest you will one day reap the rewards.


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