Anti-Maskers Selling Useless Face Masks In Protest

Every morning I wake up and read a little news while drinking my coffee.

Today, I read an article that infuriated me.

Anti-mask protesters’ new weapon: wearing masks that offer no COVID-19 protection

Here’s the jist:

There are ACTUALLY people out there selling and wearing face coverings made of mesh or crochet, with the intent to “comply” with mask mandates, but also make the statement that their “freedoms” will not be taken away.

Are you asshats kidding me right now?

Let me ask the obvious question, first:

If you are going to go through the trouble of wearing a mask…Why wouldn’t you just…Wear…A…Mask?

Why is there such a thing as an Anti-Masker?

And why are Anti-Maskers so hell-bent on making this political?

What EXACTLY are you protesting?

It’s all so much more simple than you’re making it.

If the scientists are right – masks save lives.

If the scientists are wrong – all you had to do was put a piece of cloth on your face at the grocery store.

I’m REALLY failing to see how this infringes on your precious freedoms.

Tell me, do you sew your homemade masks with built-in tracking devices the government uses to keep you in line?

Didn’t really think so…

Come on, people.

STFU and wear the mask already.


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