I have been struggling to decide whether or not I should share this story since it is not mine.

And, as a bystander, I know the details of my account are probably not 100% accurate.

But, as a mother, I can’t shake what happened this weekend.

I fear the memory will haunt me for many years – but what’s worse is the family who lost their child will endure a lifetime of pain.

Pain which I know I could never fathom.

I guess the story, from my perspective, isn’t really important anyway.

A little girl lost her life, when she was supposed to be having fun.

It happened at the campground where we spend most weekends.

My husband and I, along with his sister, heard that a little girl had been separated from her family. We saw family members searching in different directions. It took us all of two seconds to decide to help look around.

We hopped on our golf cart to join the search.

We drove to the game room and while I took a quick look there, my sister-in-law headed over to the nearby playground and swimming lake.

Only a moment or two passed when my SIL came running back, screaming for someone to call 9-1-1. A swimmer had just pulled the little girl from the water.

Good Samaritans preformed CPR while awaiting the ambulance.

My SIL and husband immediately went back to the scene to help, while I scooped up our kids to keep them from seeing anything more.

It was just as I had grabbed my kiddos that I heard the gut-wrenching scream of a mother finding her unconscious child on the ground.

I will never forget that sound.

There was some speculation about how this child ended up in the water without her family. I heard what I believe is close to the whole truth; and while I don’t think it’s appropriate to share those details, I will at least say that I belive it was undoubtedly an accident that could have happened to the most cautious of parents.

The little one, only 5 years old, was revived before being transported via ambulance. It was a few hours later that we heard she did not make it.

Our hearts are broken for this family.

This family we don’t even know.

This family we are not connected to in any way except for the brief moments we helped look for their child.

And my husband, helping to disperse the crowd that began forming so the ambulance would have room.

My heart is aching for a mother I have never spoken to; whose screams and prayers for her baby now replay in my dreams.

No parent deserves to bury their child, under any circumstances.

As for my family – we are praying for yours. We are thinking about you. We care about you. We love you.

When bad things happen, the good that comes out in others never ceases to amaze me.

Just a quick shout out to some ordinary people, who saw a child in trouble and didn’t think twice to help.

The person who pulled her from the water.

The three people who then worked together, preforming CPR. One doing compressions, one counting, one breathing.

The person who helped disperse the crowd (Hubs).

The people who blocked paths with their golf carts so the ambulance would have a clear road.

There was no shortage of perfect strangers stepping up to do the right thing that day.

I am certain every one of them shares sympathy for this family’s loss.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for arrangements. Please consider making a donation, here –> Laying Aurora To Rest

2 thoughts on “Aurora

  1. This is so tragic. I can’t even imagine how it feels like for the parents, especially the mom. May the parents of the poor little girl find peace in the midst of this. I’m hugging my baby a little tighter today.


  2. Oh, my dear young friend. Your story gave me the chills. And what a sad story about a little child who will never grow up, a mother who’s broken heart will never heal, the friends and family that are in mourning. At 61 years of age, I have been to one too many funerals, have heard of one too many deaths of friends and family. I’m sorry that you had to hear that poor mother’s gut-wrenching scream of despair. I have an idea of how you could try and cope with this horrible tragedy is by having a small memorial for that dear departed child. Light a candle, send up some of your thoughts and wishes for this child’s reunion with a new family, send thoughts and prayers for the family. Anyways I’m sure you will deal your own way but here is a virtual hug and wishes for healing yourself and your family. You’re in my thoughts.


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