The Sunny Side Of Homeschooling During A Pandemic

I have been agonizing for weeks over whether to send my kids back to school in the Fall. Our district was offering a virtual option, as well as a traditional where time spent in-person would depend on the county’s assessment of Covid community spread.

This week, the decision was made for us when our district decided to take the county’s advice on moving to all virtual.

They’re saying it’ll be for AT LEAST the first 9 weeks…But honestly, I’m pretty convinced it’ll be longer than that.

Anyway – I have been pulling my hair out over this. Watching every live Q&A with the superintendent religiously. Stalking the district website for new info. Talking Hubs’ ear off about pros and cons of everything…

Well, in the end, the decision has been made for us.

We are going virtual and that’s that.

So, it’s time to start making lemonade.

Supply Lists

We will still have to buy stuff. Students need their pencils and highlighters – that won’t change.

But, let’s talk about all those super specific supplies that are usually on the list. Laddie pencils versus #2 pencils. Low-odor dry erase markers.

OK, they’re not ridiculous requests.

But any parent knows it’s a huge pain in the ass going to Wal-Mart with their supply list in hand to search through the already picked over Back-To-School aisles only to find out there IS a difference between Elmer’s School Glue and Elmer’s White Glue…and BOTH are out of stock.

The magic of homeschooling this year: You can buy whatever the hell type of glue you want!

White glue, school glue, clear glue…

OMG, we can buy the sparkly craft glue and no one will care!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’M buying an ass-load of the teacher-dreaded PURPLE glue sticks.

Back Packs & Lunch Boxes

Don’t need ’em!

School begins promptly at 9:15 in the kitchen.

That means no shopping for sturdy backpacks that won’t break the bank. And I don’t have to kill myself looking for a lunch box that will fit a Lunchable but also feature friggin JoJo Siwa on the front.

Also…Frozen Dinosaur Nugs for lunch. EVERY. DAY.

Could it BE any easier?

New Clothes


Have you even thought about not having to Back-To-School shop for clothes and shoes?!


This is 9 extra weeks of pajama-wearing.

That means no shopping required.


Do you hear me??


School Drop-Off

The absolute worst thing about taking my kids to school every day is getting them ready and out the door on time.

If we’re homeschooling, I don’t have to fight with them to have their teeth and hair brushed by a certain time!

Yes! I will still make them do it. We aren’t that disgusting.

But, man! No more screaming from halfway to the car, “go back inside and brush your teeth already!!”

No more tying shoes while sitting in the drop-off line.

No more mom getting blamed for not having the right socks clean!

Listen, I know this whole homeschooling against our will thing is really going to suck for a lot of families.

And I’m SURE there are going to be plenty of days where my sanity will teeter on whether I should reinstate the use of paddles.

But, I can’t fight what’s happening right now.

Best thing I can do for us, is focus on all the good!

Hopefully, you can too!


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