100 Topics For Lack Of Creativity

I’ve been having a super hard time blogging lately.

Simply put, I have been in a creative rut.

I blame the pandemic and the inability to go anywhere ever.

You’d think that staying home every day with three kids and two dogs would be an inspiration jackpot, considering all the crazy shit they like to do.

I could write whole books about the dumb stuff my dogs eat and destroyed furniture I wish to burn.

Our two-year-old uses just about anything as his canvas and the two older kiddos are full of their own shenanigans, fueled by my nemesis, YouTube (big giant effing eyeroll).

But, alas, the creative juices just haven’t been flowing.

This morning I woke up and told myself, “Today is the day!  Today I WILL write something.  Even if it’s a big pile of crap – some words are getting out there!”

So, I turned to good ol’ Google and searched “mom blog topics.”

Original, I know.  But that’s where I found myself.

Luckily, the Google Gods heard my prayer and blessed me with a list of 100 mommy topics to blog about!

…I wish you could SEE my eyes rolling.

Well, anyway – I’ve got nothing anyway.

So, let’s do this.

“Mommy Blog” Topics To Consider

  • Co-sleeping
  • Baby Wearing
  • Breast Feeding
  • Homemade Baby Food
  • Sewing Baby Clothes
  • Working Mom
  • Mom of Multiples
  • All Boys/Girls
  • Wide Age Gap
  • Mommy Self Care

Well, my kiddos are 2, 6, and 8, so most of this no longer pertains to me. Though, I do have my opinions. Basically, co-sleeping sucks, baby wearing sucks, breast feeding sucks. Making baby food sounds like it sucks. I did the working mom thing for a while – that sucked. I’m not a mom of multiples, but I have a sister-in-law who is, and hers definitely DON’T suck.

Mommy self care is a laughable subject because…Well, I’m wearing yesterday’s clothes still and haven’t washed my face in like two days.

Family-Friendly Blogging Ideas

  • Family Travel
  • Child Photography
  • Homeschooling
  • Marriage Tips
  • Dating After Divorce
  • Single Parenting
  • Fun Things To Do With Kids
  • Family Books
  • Kids Crafts
  • Outside Adventures

Unfortunately, we arent traveling anywhere, because, pandemic.

Child photography is an expensive hobby.

Homeschooling is something we are being forced to do and while it isn’t ideal, I AM excited that we don’t have to put on pants to do it.

I’m pretty sure no one cares about my marriage tips. Mostly because I am not a psychologist and, as far as I’m concerned, what’s working for Hubs and I might not be what works for you and yours.

Fun things to do with kids – ugh, that well is running pretty dry. I try to do cutesie things to keep my kids entertained, but they’re getting bored with my ideas, and quite frankly, so am I.

Books, crafts, and adventures…I am NOT Pinterest.

Frugal Lifestyle and Budgeting Blog Topics

I’m not even going to list these topics. All 10 are basically variations of couponing and buying second-hand.

I have TONS of opinions on these subjects. But, as I’ve said in previous posts, it is not my niche to write about.

I am a huge self-proclaimed extreme couponer, but it’s more of a separate happy place. I feel like if I deal-hunted for the masses, all fun would be sucked out.

Food Related Blog Ideas

  • Remake Your Grandma’s Recipes
  • All About Canning/How To Jar
  • Kid-Friendly Recipes
  • Low-Carb Diet
  • Cheap Eats
  • Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free
  • All About Drinks
  • The History of Food
  • Just Desserts
  • Regional Cuisine

Basically, only one of these actually counts as a mom blog topic…

And…With my loud eyes rolling…Kid-friendly recipes, to me, are dinosaur chicken nugs and mac & cheese.

Can you picture my kid-friendly recipe posts?

I, personally, prefer Tyson’s dinosaur shapes to Perdue, as they are more anatomically correct, having consulted with actual paleontologists to enhance the educational value of said chicken nuggets.

Self Improvement Blog Ideas

  • General Self Improvement
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Laws of Attraction/Manifesting
  • Exercise/Yoga
  • Meditation 101
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Deep Breathing
  • Food for the Soul
  • All About Productivity

I struggle daily with self improvement and I don’t trust any mom or mom blogger who DOESN’T.

I absolutely cannot get behind any mom who is pretending to have their shit together for the sake of website views.

My idea of motivational quotes is when I tell my husband I’m sick of laundry and he encourages me to say, “Fuck it.”

I meditate every day to the soothing sounds of my 8-year-old explaining the weapons of Fortnite.

And, my food for the soul will probably kill someone and result in a lawsuit, because comfort food is fried, greasy, and full of fat and chocolate.

Lifestyle Blog Topics

Ooooohhhhh! MOM FASHION!

Today, I’m sporting the same black leggings I wore yesterday, as they are both slimming and still look clean. My shirt, also worn yesterday, is a baseball quarter-sleeve cut with the phrase, “Drinking Wine Feeling Fine” printed in bold, black lettering. I’m wearing no bra, giving myself a hint of exotic. My makeup can be described as racoon meets tired panda.

Craft and DIY


I’m not even going here.

I do like to craft.

But, I also kind of suck at it.

For God’s sake, I cried the first time my homemade lanterns came out nice.

Money Making Blog Ideas

Pfft. If I was good at any of that, you wouldn’t be only one of like 15 people who read my shit.

Technology and Business

Uhhhh…I thought this was 100 MOM topics?

There were a bunch more topics to choose from, but I think you guys are getting the picture.

Hopefully, this will have jarred me out of my rut and maybe tomorrow you will be graced with brand spankin’ new material to read and hate!

Anyway – to my fellow bloggers, who usually inspire me: what are YOUR favorite topics to tackle?


3 thoughts on “100 Topics For Lack Of Creativity

  1. Can I eye-roll too?! Let’s see…I remember a mom with a 3-year old that made up a scavenger hunt list the reward was a sweet, I think a tootsie roll the cheap ~beep~ haha Another idea that popped into my head for bored kiddos you can ask them what they want to do then hide. As far as clothes Air Frebreeze will take care of any suspicious smell that could be wafting from your clothing. My excuse for my grey legging and whatever huge braless T-shirt I’m wearing is these are my exercise clothes, I just got off my bike. Thank god my pants don’t catch on fire. And at the top of that unmotivated list is plain ‘it’s okay to take a break.’ Your not made out of steel unless you go back to your 20’s and walked alot…crap I’m rambling. Hope this long-ass comment perked you up a bit:)
    ~Stay calm and carry on~


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