Distracting From The Pres – The Binging Way

While you guys are SO concerned about the President taking off his mask the second he entered the White House yesterday, I am plagued with a much more complex and burning question –

Why the HELL is Trolly the ONLY means of transportation in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood? And why is there only ONE Trolly? And nobody in the neighborhood owns a car or a scooter or any other means of transportation?

Daniel and his family went on vacation to visit Grand-Per, and they took Trolly.

Those selfish Tigers took the ONLY vehicle the neighborhood has available to get Down The Shore and THEY STAYED THERE OVER NIGHT!

You’d think King Friday would have used his political power to stop them or at least reprimand them upon their return.

What if there was a fire in the neighborhood while the Tiger family was gone? Trolly doubles as a fire truck! And what if Baker Acre needed to deliver bread?

This kind of blatant disregard for others is just disgusting.

OK – So, I don’t really hate the Tiger Family on the beloved Mister Roger’s Neighborhood spin-off.

But, these are the things my mom brain thinks about most often.

It’s insane how much thought I put into these childrens shows…But then again, isn’t it inevitable given how often I see them on repeat?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally concerned with the state of our country…

The Pres…The Rona…Masks…

But, come on – my three kids and I are Social Distancing like mutha-luvin pros and in doing so, binge-watching on the Roku is part of our daily routine.

Ahh…I remember a time when binge-watching meant ME TIME.

Nope. Not anymore.

My TV time is in the evening with the hubs, after the littles go to bed. And he and I are so drained from work and freaking homeschool that we no longer watch “new” shows or movies.

Our nightly routine is getting the kids to bed, switching on Disney Plus, and watching the Marvel category, where we have proudly seen every film in its entirety hundreds of times.

Nowadays, we start a movie and spend the entire week trying to finish it.

We’ve fallen asleep watching Thor for the past 6 nights – each of which, we rewind and pickup where we left off the previous night.

I’m not complaining.

As “Us Time” goes, it’s a relaxing way to spend it.

I’m merely commenting on how funny it seems that our saving graces during the Pandemic-Era Election Year are Daniel Tiger and Marvel.

Hey – Social Distancing has given me TONS of time to think about all sorts of crazy questions.

Like, why are there CHAIRS everywhere in the movie Cars? There are NO PEOPLE TO SIT IN THEM!

And how did the Bifrost get rebuilt between Thor and the first Avengers?

And seriously – why was NO ONE concerned at the end of Jurrasic Park III when the freaking pterodactyls were flying off the island? Everyone in the plane was just like, “oh, there they go, looking for a new home! How majestic!”

Oh my gosh, while I’m on the Jurrasics, let’s talk about why BD Wong was even allowed to practice science after the first movie.

AND how the hell did they safely create Jurrasic WORLD when BOTH islands were already overrun by dinosaurs?

Now I’m just rambling.


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