I let my three-year-old have candy and soda for breakfast

It’s 9am and my three-year-old just proudly finished a Milky Way and a cup of orange soda.

I know, right? Mom. Of. The. YEAR!

That kind of morning leniency usually only happens on Easter or the day after Halloween.

But, hey, it’s a Friday and I’m fresh out of fucks for the week.

Monday was back to school for my two oldest. We are now officially in our weird transition time where it takes us two whole months to get used to new schedules. Homework…earlier bed times…Should we do breakfast before the baby wakes up, or wait ’til she’s had her morning bottle? Will the kids get to shower before bed, or should I wake them earlier to get clean? Oh, and this year, we threw in football and cheerleading – ya know, because life isn’t hectic enough with four kids.

This morning, it’s somewhat amusing to me how much I prayed over summer break for the start of school. All I wanted was a little consistency – a schedule to follow. Now, I find myself two kids down, wearing yesterday’s smudged eyeliner, making a mental checklist of all the shit I need to accomplish before the school day is over and sports begin.

There is A LOT on that list.

I have phone calls to make. Bills to pay. Rooms to clean.

The kids put away their own laundry over the summer, but dammit, if I don’t do it myself now, it won’t happen ’til after school (or maybe sports). And, ugh, I don’t want to be Sweary Naggy Mom when I haven’t seen them all day!

I have lists to prepare. Food to cook.

Somehow there are like 15 used cups in the kitchen sink…

Anyway, I dusted a couple days ago, and I’m not sneezing yet, so I guess we’re still good there. At least that’s one task I can check off the list (I rationalize to myself, as I side-eye the specs of dust visible by sunlight through the open blinds I’m slowly closing).

As a stay-at-home parent, I am constantly wondering when it’ll all get easier. I ask myself how the hell I ever accomplished anything when I used to work. And, why is it that the things I pray for, like a little consistency, end up making life seem even busier?

I’m four kids deep into this parenting thing, and I’m finally realizing that controlled chaos is the actual name of the game. Parenting is a juggling act and I’m just the hot mess ringmaster, trying to stay calm and caffeinated.

So, how do you handle a three-year-old eating a Milky Way and drinking orange soda at 9am, when today you’re trying to accomplish…life?

Grab another cup of coffee and just start your day – because, hey, you’re doing a lot, and he’s obviously living his best life.

And anyway – it’s gluten free!


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