Trendy Dad Shit

Being a dad in 2020 no longer means Wrangler jeans and mowing the lawn in white sneakers from Wal-Mart. Dads have evolved. They’ve become more hip. ….No, really. Dads have gotten a lot cooler lately. They might not be all about Pinterest or  viral videos like Trendy Moms. But they do some cool shit. Some…… Continue reading Trendy Dad Shit

Terrible Two’s Is Happening – Please, Send Vodka

My third and youngest child has finally hit that oh-so-magical milestone: The Terrible Two’s. I had almost forgotten what the magic was like. The organic sound of nail-dragging screams. The assertiveness. The impressive ability to turn from happy-go-lucky Little Man to uncompromising dictator in seconds flat… Yep.  It’s happening. No one knows when or where…… Continue reading Terrible Two’s Is Happening – Please, Send Vodka

Dear Children, Go Make Some Ramen

It’s 8:30 in the morning. I have now been “stuck” in the house for 54 days with my three children. My oldest came to me this morning with the daily declaration, “Mom, I’m hungry.” “So, make some Ramen.” Yep. I’ve become that parent. “And make some for your 2-year-old brother as well. ” Ramen for…… Continue reading Dear Children, Go Make Some Ramen