Dear 2021-2022 School Year

Dear 2021-2022 School Year, Please, don’t suck. OK, I know that’s a pretty broad request, and, let’s face it, 2020 didn’t set the bar real high. So, allow me to explain myself… First of all – our kids NEED to interact with other kids. Summer has been good and all…sports came back, so there was…… Continue reading Dear 2021-2022 School Year

A Day In The Life Of A Pandemic Mom

8:00 am – I very reluctantly roll out of bed. I don’t need to brush my hair or do makeup because I already know I won’t be leaving the house today. The sweatpants I wore to bed will do just fine until at least mid-afternoon. 8:15 am – I, hilariously, use Alexa to play “The…… Continue reading A Day In The Life Of A Pandemic Mom

Back To School…Kind Of…

So, tomorrow is the day all parents dream of over the summer… It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of year… BACK TO SCHOOL! Except this year… eh… it’s a little different. …Freaking Corona… So, tomorrow begins virtual classes. But only for the first three weeks.  After that, we are allowed a hybrid schedule…… Continue reading Back To School…Kind Of…

The Sunny Side Of Homeschooling During A Pandemic

I have been agonizing for weeks over whether to send my kids back to school in the Fall. Our district was offering a virtual option, as well as a traditional where time spent in-person would depend on the county’s assessment of Covid community spread. This week, the decision was made for us when our district…… Continue reading The Sunny Side Of Homeschooling During A Pandemic

CoronaLand: Population, Everyone

I am a stay-at-home mom of three. My husband works full time. We reside in a Cleveland suburb, where we own a modest acre. We have flowers, a deck, a pool… And, oh, we live in freaking CoronaLand. CoronaLand is like the United States, only there are many, many rules to abide by if we…… Continue reading CoronaLand: Population, Everyone

Things I Didn’t Miss During Lockdown

The whole COVID timeline is beginning to get a little fuzzy for me now.  My days have been running together since March and I have been wearing my husband’s boxers as shorts daily since April. All I know at this moment is it’s July and while businesses are reopening, there are tons of douchebags out…… Continue reading Things I Didn’t Miss During Lockdown

Summer Is Back On! My Beach Bod Is Not Ready!

Alert! Alert! As it turns out, Summer is not canceled after all! Grab your coolers and sunscreen. Put on your favorite flip-flops (just not from freaking Old Navy) and dust off that two-piece! As states are slowly reopening after the Great COVID Pandemic of 2020 (which isn’t actually over), and homeschooling is coming to an…… Continue reading Summer Is Back On! My Beach Bod Is Not Ready!

Searching For Our “New Normal” With School Closures

Ohio: All schools are now closed through May 1, ordered by Governor Mike DeWine. I doubt the kids will be going back at all for the remainder of the academic year. For so many parents, this will be the first time for balancing homeschool, working from home, and housework. It’s definitely MY first time tackling…… Continue reading Searching For Our “New Normal” With School Closures