Back To School…Kind Of…

So, tomorrow is the day all parents dream of over the summer… It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of year… BACK TO SCHOOL! Except this year… eh… it’s a little different. …Freaking Corona… So, tomorrow begins virtual classes. But only for the first three weeks.  After that, we are allowed a hybrid schedule…… Continue reading Back To School…Kind Of…

Things I Didn’t Miss During Lockdown

The whole COVID timeline is beginning to get a little fuzzy for me now.  My days have been running together since March and I have been wearing my husband’s boxers as shorts daily since April. All I know at this moment is it’s July and while businesses are reopening, there are tons of douchebags out…… Continue reading Things I Didn’t Miss During Lockdown

Slowing Down

So, my family and I tried something different this past week.  Different for us, at least. We have been living at our campground for 10 days now. Aside from crippling allergies every morning until the meds kick in – this place has been a very welcome change. Our lives always feel so rushed. Even with…… Continue reading Slowing Down

Why I Cry All The Time

I cry all the time. I know that my dry, sarcastic personality makes that hard to believe – but it’s true. I am, in fact, one giant blubbering bitch. And what’s more – I ugly cry. I cry over everything. Sad – cry. Mad – cry. Happy, overwhelmed, frustrated, joyful, hopeful, laughing, proud – cry,…… Continue reading Why I Cry All The Time

Dear Husband, We Need To Talk…Again…

Today I woke up with a killer headache and a proverbial itch that I just can’t scratch. What is this shit that has been happening to me? I like to blame the pandemic when I’m thinking about changes in myself. But, if I’m being honest, that’s not it at all. Dear Hubs, I’ve changed my…… Continue reading Dear Husband, We Need To Talk…Again…

Why Are We Obsessed With Doomsday Movies During COVID-19?

Last night the Hubs and I watched the 1995 Dustin Hoffman classic, Outbreak. Ya know, the one where Patrick Dempsey brings the Motaba-infected monkey to America and unwittingly begins an epidemic. Ah…Nothing like putting the kids to bed early just to eat popcorn and freak ourselves the eff out during Corona-Isolation…Romance at its finest. But…… Continue reading Why Are We Obsessed With Doomsday Movies During COVID-19?

Marriage How-To: Growing With My Husband

Sometimes we disagree. And that’s OK. We are two different personalities. It’s bound to happen. Hubs and I have been through our share of obstacles. I don’t know any married couple who hasn’t been through something. Maybe I’m just feeling extra mushy because it’s almost our 10 year anniversary…But I have some things to say.…… Continue reading Marriage How-To: Growing With My Husband