Mom-venting: It Just Feels Better

I need to vent. I need to mom-vent. Is that a thing? A phrase people use? If they don’t, they totally should. Here’s the basic jist if what I consider a mom-vent: The people you love most are bound to drive you bat shit crazy sometimes. Airing that laundry just feels better. I LOVE MY…… Continue reading Mom-venting: It Just Feels Better

I’m pregnant, and craving more than JUST food!

Weird food combos or cravings are not at all uncommon during pregnancy. If you’ve yet to experience any for yourself, you’ve at least heard of or know someone who has. Ice cream with a side of pickles, anyone? But, what about craving other things during pregnancy? Yes, I mean other than food. The truth is,…… Continue reading I’m pregnant, and craving more than JUST food!

Breastfeeding & PPD

I was 24 when I had baby number one. As a first time mom, I had tons of naive expectations for what everything would be like. The pregnancy. The delivery. All the bonding that would happen during maternity leave. I guess I just assumed every step on that 9-month journey (and every day after) would…… Continue reading Breastfeeding & PPD