How To Tell If You’re A Shitty Mom

I LOVE MY KIDDOS.  All freaking three of them. No, wait – six.  I have two dogs and a hubs as well. Anyway – I friggin love them all. And I’m pretty sure they all love me too – which is kind of mind-blowing because… I’m a Shitty Mom. Sometimes there is no clean underwear.…… Continue reading How To Tell If You’re A Shitty Mom

Realizations From Being Isolated

My family goes through entire bags of chips at an alarmingly-quick rate. We depend on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a lot more than our pediatrician would recommend. My two dogs have been hosting a Fight Club for the past 45 minutes. The sound of a scooting kitchen chair is worse than that of an alarm clock…… Continue reading Realizations From Being Isolated