Mom-venting: It Just Feels Better

I need to vent. I need to mom-vent. Is that a thing? A phrase people use? If they don’t, they totally should. Here’s the basic jist if what I consider a mom-vent: The people you love most are bound to drive you bat shit crazy sometimes. Airing that laundry just feels better. I LOVE MY…… Continue reading Mom-venting: It Just Feels Better

My Pregnant “Glow” Is Actually A Rash

I have always had fair, sensitive skin. I burn really easy, never tan, and literally everything gives me hives. At 33 though, it’s something I’m totally used to. I know which irritants to avoid and I wear my sunscreen! Unfortunately, my skin has changed pretty dramatically as of late. My preggo hormones have decided to…… Continue reading My Pregnant “Glow” Is Actually A Rash