A Tale of Two Under-boobies

Fair warning, guys – I’m about to talk about boobs. And, not in a fun and sexy way. I’m into my third trimester of my fourth pregnancy. NOTHING about this time has been like the others. Just a couple months back, I developed this awesome preggo rash called Pruritic Folliculitis. I’ve never had an itch…… Continue reading A Tale of Two Under-boobies

My Pregnant “Glow” Is Actually A Rash

I have always had fair, sensitive skin. I burn really easy, never tan, and literally everything gives me hives. At 33 though, it’s something I’m totally used to. I know which irritants to avoid and I wear my sunscreen! Unfortunately, my skin has changed pretty dramatically as of late. My preggo hormones have decided to…… Continue reading My Pregnant “Glow” Is Actually A Rash