44 Days Of Quarantine

Kids always near me Morning, afternoon, and night Mom needs a drink, strong It is day 44 of lockdown for my family. 44 days of no school. 44 days of no driving anywhere. 44 days confined to only our home and yard. My husband is an essential worker, so he goes out. Me and the…… Continue reading 44 Days Of Quarantine

Isolation & Bunker Life With Hubs Still At Work

It is Thursday, March 19. We live in Ohio. Our kids are off from school indefinitely. Restaurants and bars are open for carry-out and drive-thru service only. Hair/nail salons are closed. Tattoo shops are closed. County buildings, closed. Most BMV’s, closed. Unemployment wait time is being waived. It’s being promised that utilities won’t get shut…… Continue reading Isolation & Bunker Life With Hubs Still At Work