This school year was supposed to be easier, but it’s not

Today, to me, there is nothing political about this.

This isn’t even about science.

I don’t want to argue. I’m not here to moderate debates.

It’s true – Somewhere in the back of my mind, I hold opinions too. They’re currently being stored in a file, under the name: “What’s It Matter, Anyway?”

I. Am. Frustrated.

This school year is supposed to be better. It’s supposed to be easier.

This year is supposed to be normal.

Yesterday, my children’s elementary school quarantined almost 50 students for exposure.

After only five days of school.

I. Am. Frustrated.

I’m not a doctor, or a scientist…I’m definitely no politician. I don’t believe in any conspiracy theories (although, nothing seems to surprise me anymore).

My only profession is parent.

And, I. Am. Frustrated.

I am frustrated because I feel helpless.

I’ve spent the past decade caring for lives that my husband and I created. A decade spent as the resident expert on four little people.

We’ve been through the flu…cuts, bumps, and bruises.

I’ve rocked them to sleep. I’ve given them medicine. I’ve protected them from the Boogeyman and bad dreams.

I am frustrated because I cannot fix this for them.

Mom’s hugs don’t put them back in school.

I know that being a reliable means of stability during these times is important. Trust me, I know – I’ve been trying to be that expert for a year.

But, I. Am. Tired.

I’m tired of feeling out of control. I’m tired of worrying about this. I actually miss worrying about other things.

This school year is supposed to be different.

But, it’s already not.

And, I. Feel. Defeated.


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