Here’s why I hate school fundraisers

It’s fall ya’ll! That first-day-of-school excitement has come and gone. There’s a brisk chill in the air, leaves are beginning to change colors, and pumpkin spice everything is in full swing. The holiday season is fast-approaching – which means store shelves are lined with pumpkins, blow-up turkeys, and Christmas lights all at once. Our children…… Continue reading Here’s why I hate school fundraisers

My Kids Don’t Realize They’re Actually Best Friends

My oldest son once used his three-year-old brother as part of a living room parkour challenge. My two sons wake their sister some mornings by wearing a scary clown mask. Oh, and every once in a while, my daughter is caught persuading her younger brother to give her his toys – only to, moments later,…… Continue reading My Kids Don’t Realize They’re Actually Best Friends

This school year was supposed to be easier, but it’s not

Today, to me, there is nothing political about this. This isn’t even about science. I don’t want to argue. I’m not here to moderate debates. It’s true – Somewhere in the back of my mind, I hold opinions too. They’re currently being stored in a file, under the name: “What’s It Matter, Anyway?” I. Am.…… Continue reading This school year was supposed to be easier, but it’s not

I’m a socially awkward mom

I like to think I’m an easy-going, friendly, maybe even charismatic person. I picture myself the life of the party: hair always on point, outgoing…an assertive trendsetter. Oh, and witty AF. I command a room. Truth be told – this is just me in my own brain. The way I see myself crushing it in…… Continue reading I’m a socially awkward mom

Mom-venting: It Just Feels Better

I need to vent. I need to mom-vent. Is that a thing? A phrase people use? If they don’t, they totally should. Here’s the basic jist if what I consider a mom-vent: The people you love most are bound to drive you bat shit crazy sometimes. Airing that laundry just feels better. I LOVE MY…… Continue reading Mom-venting: It Just Feels Better

Breastfeeding & PPD

I was 24 when I had baby number one. As a first time mom, I had tons of naive expectations for what everything would be like. The pregnancy. The delivery. All the bonding that would happen during maternity leave. I guess I just assumed every step on that 9-month journey (and every day after) would…… Continue reading Breastfeeding & PPD

The Untold Truth About Nesting

It’s a tale as old as time… I spent all day picking up toys, reorganizing, and cleaning – yet, the house still feels trashed. A mom’s work is never really done – We all know that. There will always be mess. There will always be laundry. Homework. Dishes. Bath times… As a SAHM, I’m pretty…… Continue reading The Untold Truth About Nesting

A Day In The Life Of A Pandemic Mom

8:00 am – I very reluctantly roll out of bed. I don’t need to brush my hair or do makeup because I already know I won’t be leaving the house today. The sweatpants I wore to bed will do just fine until at least mid-afternoon. 8:15 am – I, hilariously, use Alexa to play “The…… Continue reading A Day In The Life Of A Pandemic Mom

Back To School…Kind Of…

So, tomorrow is the day all parents dream of over the summer… It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of year… BACK TO SCHOOL! Except this year… eh… it’s a little different. …Freaking Corona… So, tomorrow begins virtual classes. But only for the first three weeks.  After that, we are allowed a hybrid schedule…… Continue reading Back To School…Kind Of…

100 Topics For Lack Of Creativity

I’ve been having a super hard time blogging lately. Simply put, I have been in a creative rut. I blame the pandemic and the inability to go anywhere ever. You’d think that staying home every day with three kids and two dogs would be an inspiration jackpot, considering all the crazy shit they like to…… Continue reading 100 Topics For Lack Of Creativity