People I Want To Dropkick, Part II

Turns out, my list of people I want to dropkick is a little longer still. People who really grind my gears on the daily… Anti-Vaxxers The simple fact that I had chickenpox when I was little, but MY children never will is a motherf***ing miracle! We are living in the 21st Century. There is basically…… Continue reading People I Want To Dropkick, Part II

Things I Didn’t Miss During Lockdown

The whole COVID timeline is beginning to get a little fuzzy for me now.  My days have been running together since March and I have been wearing my husband’s boxers as shorts daily since April. All I know at this moment is it’s July and while businesses are reopening, there are tons of douchebags out…… Continue reading Things I Didn’t Miss During Lockdown

Types Of People I Want To Dropkick

My list of people who just grind my gears… Teachers Who Hate Kids Once upon a time, I was a Preschool teacher.  Over the years, I met a lot of people who were amazing with little ones.  But I also encountered a great many who should never have chosen childcare as a profession. I feel…… Continue reading Types Of People I Want To Dropkick

Slowing Down

So, my family and I tried something different this past week.  Different for us, at least. We have been living at our campground for 10 days now. Aside from crippling allergies every morning until the meds kick in – this place has been a very welcome change. Our lives always feel so rushed. Even with…… Continue reading Slowing Down

It Is NEVER OK In Front Of My Kids

It is a well-known fact that I do not have the cleanest language when I speak. “Shit,” is probably my most used expletive, though, “bitch,” deserves an honorable mention. I throw out the magical F-Bomb way more than could be considered lady-like. I know there’s a time and a place for sharing shitty language amongst…… Continue reading It Is NEVER OK In Front Of My Kids

Trendy Dad Shit

Being a dad in 2020 no longer means Wrangler jeans and mowing the lawn in white sneakers from Wal-Mart. Dads have evolved. They’ve become more hip. ….No, really. Dads have gotten a lot cooler lately. They might not be all about Pinterest or  viral videos like Trendy Moms. But they do some cool shit. Some…… Continue reading Trendy Dad Shit

Trendy Mom Shit

Having 3 kids of my own and being in my young 30s – I like to think of myself as a Cool Mom. Yeah, I’m still referencing Mean Girls after 16 years. I’m totally with the times and maybe even a touch progressive when it comes to kids.  I let my 6-year-old daughter temporarily color…… Continue reading Trendy Mom Shit

A Breakup Letter Delivered To My Living Room

When I first met you, you were so vibrant and full of life.  So perfect and clean.  A flawless color of off-white that begged for latte walls to match. I gave you everything you ever wanted.  You got your coffee-flavored walls and strong wooden window treatments. I furnished you with green microfiber couches and a…… Continue reading A Breakup Letter Delivered To My Living Room