My Kids Don’t Realize They’re Actually Best Friends

My oldest son once used his three-year-old brother as part of a living room parkour challenge.

My two sons wake their sister some mornings by wearing a scary clown mask.

Oh, and every once in a while, my daughter is caught persuading her younger brother to give her his toys – only to, moments later, have no recollection of the event in question.

My children argue a lot. The “blame game” is a favorite amongst them. Most days, I wonder if any of them even still have an “inside voice.”

Sometimes, it seems like my kids live for torturing one another. But, I know how they really feel. Maybe they don’t realize it yet. They might even try to deny it.

But, the secret is: my kids are actually best friends.

For every argument, there are hundreds of silly moments where they laugh until it hurts.

For every prank, there are hundreds of hugs.

For every stunt, there are hundreds of quiet moments, reading books to one another.

For every raised voice, there are hundreds of smiles.

I hear my children whispering jokes when they’re supposed to be sleeping.

They build forts out of blankets and sheets.

Sometimes, they make up games.

Sometimes, they sell tickets to a “show.”

No matter how much they fight, my kids are actually best friends.

Some days, they act crazy.

But, every day, they’re crazy about each other.


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