An Open Letter To Old Navy & The One Dolla Holla

Dear Old Navy,

Today begins the “One Dolla Holla” flip-flop sale online. As I understand it, the deal is for basic color flip-flops, limit of 5, and your Old Navy/Gap credit card must be the sole means of payment.

This is awesome if you have a store credit card.

But, hey – some of us already have multiple lines of credit open. We have mortgages and car payments.

Some of us have three freaking kids, who could use some new shit with no gimmicks attached.

Yeah, yeah. I heard that there will PROBABLY still be an in-store deal of the same in June (though, I don’t know how accurate that rumor is).

But listen – I’m pissed.

My family is a household of 5.

First of all, we are not rich. There are 5 of us here. We spend an ass-load of money on groceries every week. We have car payments, a mortgage, and medical bills. We are in NO position to open up a store credit card, no matter how good the deal.

And before you suggest we open a card, make the purchase and immediately pay it off – Do you realize how long it took our family of 5 to get decent credit? We aren’t opening a new card and potentially lowering scores just for some shoes.

Second – We have been cooped up for months. My kids haven’t been out to any stores because of a statewide stay at home order, issued back in March.

Summer is coming and now we’re ready to get fresh air and have some fun (all while freaking social distancing, of course).

They’re growing, and they need clothes and shoes.

These past months have been a blessing in a sense, because, as I said, I have three kiddos. Buying them new things adds up pretty damn quick. It’s been nice not having to worry about them going to school wearing worn-out shoes and ratty shirts that have been washed a thousand times.

But, now it’s time to go out. And their sneakers that have holes in the toes and worn soles are just not going to cut it for their summer break.

Imagine my excitement when I heard that this morning I could grab $1 flip-flops for all three kiddos, plus the hubs and I, to begin our summer with.

Now, imagine my disappointment when I realized the deal stipulations.

OK, maybe I’m overreacting.

Maybe I’ll just quit my bitching and wait ’til June…See if they go on sale in-store…

Sure. I can do that.

But, I’m still pissed.

I have three kids, a husband, and two dogs.

I just want the shit that is supposed to be convenient to ACTUALLY be convenient.

And honestly, let’s be real for a minute…the day that One Dolla Holla hits the brick and mortar, the peppy 20-somethings are gonna be in line long before me, because they don’t have a full house to wake up, feed, and dress before they begin their day.

Hey – Old Navy,

Just give us a discount we can actually use.

Let the convenient be convenient.

…I can’t possibly be the only parent feeling this way.

Who knows?

Just, seriously…Come on guys…

Help a mama out.


11 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Old Navy & The One Dolla Holla

  1. We live in a society that is promoting and pushing credit cards, loans, lines of credit and ‘buy now, pay later’ type plans left, right and centre. Yet many people wonder why so many people are struggling with their credit… I know we’re not going to be getting a store credit card just to get a sale on flip flops. Nice try, not happening lol


  2. I completely understand your frustration I hate seeing a sale that’s only viable if you open a credit line all the things you said is true and for someone like me who is paying off her acct and no longer wants a credit card 😂 I guess I’ll never catch a sale lol


  3. the just-a-buck by my house has $1 sandals, all sizes, all summer. they’re not old navy, but they are flip flops.


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