I’m a socially awkward mom

I like to think I’m an easy-going, friendly, maybe even charismatic person. I picture myself the life of the party: hair always on point, outgoing…an assertive trendsetter. Oh, and witty AF. I command a room. Truth be told – this is just me in my own brain. The way I see myself crushing it in…… Continue reading I’m a socially awkward mom

Dear 2021-2022 School Year

Dear 2021-2022 School Year, Please, don’t suck. OK, I know that’s a pretty broad request, and, let’s face it, 2020 didn’t set the bar real high. So, allow me to explain myself… First of all – our kids NEED to interact with other kids. Summer has been good and all…sports came back, so there was…… Continue reading Dear 2021-2022 School Year

Being a stay-at-home parent has me missing work (almost)

I miss going to work. Ugh. There’s a statement I never thought I’d ever think, let alone say out loud. But, alas – it’s true. OK, I don’t miss having a job and all the bullshit that comes with being a working parent. The days of rushing to get the kids fed, dressed, and semi-happy…… Continue reading Being a stay-at-home parent has me missing work (almost)

Mom-venting: It Just Feels Better

I need to vent. I need to mom-vent. Is that a thing? A phrase people use? If they don’t, they totally should. Here’s the basic jist if what I consider a mom-vent: The people you love most are bound to drive you bat shit crazy sometimes. Airing that laundry just feels better. I LOVE MY…… Continue reading Mom-venting: It Just Feels Better

Is Your Child’s Daycare/Day Camp Safe?

I just read this story on Scary Mommy about a child who lost her life at a summer camp, and what her parents wish they had known/thought of beforehand. While the story was tragic, terrifying, and incredibly sad, it highlights some VERY important truths you may not realize about camps (and daycare facilities, really). You…… Continue reading Is Your Child’s Daycare/Day Camp Safe?

My Son’s Teacher Gave Me A Small Gift That I NEEDED

The pandemic arrived in Ohio when its first cases were confirmed on March 9, 2020. Four days later, on March 13, is when our schools closed their doors at Governor Mike DeWine’s behest. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent closing of schools began a months-long struggle in my family’s day-to-day lives for stability…… Continue reading My Son’s Teacher Gave Me A Small Gift That I NEEDED

My Pregnant “Glow” Is Actually A Rash

I have always had fair, sensitive skin. I burn really easy, never tan, and literally everything gives me hives. At 33 though, it’s something I’m totally used to. I know which irritants to avoid and I wear my sunscreen! Unfortunately, my skin has changed pretty dramatically as of late. My preggo hormones have decided to…… Continue reading My Pregnant “Glow” Is Actually A Rash

The Untold Truth About Nesting

It’s a tale as old as time… I spent all day picking up toys, reorganizing, and cleaning – yet, the house still feels trashed. A mom’s work is never really done – We all know that. There will always be mess. There will always be laundry. Homework. Dishes. Bath times… As a SAHM, I’m pretty…… Continue reading The Untold Truth About Nesting