I’m a socially awkward mom

I like to think I’m an easy-going, friendly, maybe even charismatic person. I picture myself the life of the party: hair always on point, outgoing…an assertive trendsetter. Oh, and witty AF. I command a room. Truth be told – this is just me in my own brain. The way I see myself crushing it in…… Continue reading I’m a socially awkward mom

What being snubbed by my “Gal Pals” taught me

Pretty recently, a group of women, whom I consider “my group,” went out for dinner and drinks without me. I awoke one morning to see dozens of photos posted on social media, captioned, “Girl’s Night!” They sat together in a restaurant, around a large, welcoming table, holding up drinks and baring gleeful smiles. I did…… Continue reading What being snubbed by my “Gal Pals” taught me