I’m a socially awkward mom

I like to think I’m an easy-going, friendly, maybe even charismatic person. I picture myself the life of the party: hair always on point, outgoing…an assertive trendsetter. Oh, and witty AF. I command a room. Truth be told – this is just me in my own brain. The way I see myself crushing it in…… Continue reading I’m a socially awkward mom

Help! My Toddler Got Into The Medicine Cabinet!

Hello Friends. How’s your week going, so far? Mine? Glad you asked! My two-year-old decided yesterday was a great day to scare the shit out of me! It was mid-morning. I had begun going about my daily routine of kicking toys and searching for dishes left throughout the house. Little Guy needed to brush his…… Continue reading Help! My Toddler Got Into The Medicine Cabinet!

Back To School…Kind Of…

So, tomorrow is the day all parents dream of over the summer… It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of year… BACK TO SCHOOL! Except this year… eh… it’s a little different. …Freaking Corona… So, tomorrow begins virtual classes. But only for the first three weeks.  After that, we are allowed a hybrid schedule…… Continue reading Back To School…Kind Of…

Why I Cry All The Time

I cry all the time. I know that my dry, sarcastic personality makes that hard to believe – but it’s true. I am, in fact, one giant blubbering bitch. And what’s more – I ugly cry. I cry over everything. Sad – cry. Mad – cry. Happy, overwhelmed, frustrated, joyful, hopeful, laughing, proud – cry,…… Continue reading Why I Cry All The Time

Isolation & Bunker Life With Hubs Still At Work

It is Thursday, March 19. We live in Ohio. Our kids are off from school indefinitely. Restaurants and bars are open for carry-out and drive-thru service only. Hair/nail salons are closed. Tattoo shops are closed. County buildings, closed. Most BMV’s, closed. Unemployment wait time is being waived. It’s being promised that utilities won’t get shut…… Continue reading Isolation & Bunker Life With Hubs Still At Work