Summer Is Back On! My Beach Bod Is Not Ready!

Alert! Alert!

As it turns out, Summer is not canceled after all! Grab your coolers and sunscreen. Put on your favorite flip-flops (just not from freaking Old Navy) and dust off that two-piece!

As states are slowly reopening after the Great COVID Pandemic of 2020 (which isn’t actually over), and homeschooling is coming to an end – it feels like we may, in fact, get a Summer Vacation!

Buuuut, hold on. Wait. Was I supposed to be prepared for this?

Truth be told, I’m scared shitless to dust off that two-piece.

I’m not gonna lie…my beach bod is SO not ready for the beach.

Yeah…I know. I should be getting outside, walking, riding a bike, getting fresh air and all that healthy junk. It should really be our healthy-living family lifestyle to do all that shit every day anyhow.

But, listen – Isolation, quarantine, “Stay Safe Order,” whatever the hell…It really effed me up.

No – I’m not blaming a virus that I never actually caught for my extra flabby ass this Summer…

Well…I kind of am.

Come on! Schools were closed and remote learning was thrown into our laps out of freaking nowhere. We were told to keep our asses at home and not visit with anyone. Non-essential businesses closed…social distancing became a thing….I don’t need to rehash it all. You were there. You know.

All I’m saying is a lot of things changed over night.

A lot of adjustments were made.

And daily healthy routines were absolutely affected.

I have had to actively remind myself through all this bullshit that self-care is important. But, ya know, it doesn’t come easy every day.

And honestly, as far as self-care goes…I have found, recently, that for my mental sanity, crafting is my happy place; not freaking jumping jacks and sit-ups.

So, here’s the deal…The take away…The point of it all:

If you see me out and about this Summer…Wearing a swimsuit or not…Whether I’m taking a walk, sitting on a lawn chair, grocery shopping, blowing bubbles with the kids….

Just know that I know I’m looking a little more jiggly these days…

It’s been a rough few months and, hey, you don’t look great either.

We will all get back to it. It’s OK.

I’m not worried about my health or yours, because I know what we’ve all been dealing with.

So…If you run into me this Summer, just shoot me a smile and maybe share your kids’ Popsicles with me and we will all be fine.

Happy Un-Canceled Summer, Ya’ll!


7 thoughts on “Summer Is Back On! My Beach Bod Is Not Ready!

  1. Give yourself grace. It’s been rough. I want to lose weight too but it’s hard to stay focused in the midst of the pandemic. I was working out regularly at first at home, but I lost motivation. It’s a weird time right now and everyone is handling things in a different way. Plus like I always say, there’s always next year!


  2. Oh, that’s funny. I may be ready for a bikini in my next life or if I want to fool myself, next summer. Yah, yah…next summer >rolling eyes<. Hey, that donut innertube looks like the 2 donut pillows I bought my two little grandsons!


  3. 😂 definitely with you on this. At least we have a pool so I’ve been able to tan – if you can’t tone it, tan it 👍🏻😂
    Good luck!


  4. I’ve been dying to go to the beach for so long! But unfortunately with the pandemic and the fact that I live so far from the beach, that’s not possible for me right now.


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