Here’s why I hate school fundraisers

It’s fall ya’ll! That first-day-of-school excitement has come and gone. There’s a brisk chill in the air, leaves are beginning to change colors, and pumpkin spice everything is in full swing. The holiday season is fast-approaching – which means store shelves are lined with pumpkins, blow-up turkeys, and Christmas lights all at once. Our children…… Continue reading Here’s why I hate school fundraisers

Things I Didn’t Miss During Lockdown

The whole COVID timeline is beginning to get a little fuzzy for me now.  My days have been running together since March and I have been wearing my husband’s boxers as shorts daily since April. All I know at this moment is it’s July and while businesses are reopening, there are tons of douchebags out…… Continue reading Things I Didn’t Miss During Lockdown

Trendy Mom Shit

Having 3 kids of my own and being in my young 30s – I like to think of myself as a Cool Mom. Yeah, I’m still referencing Mean Girls after 16 years. I’m totally with the times and maybe even a touch progressive when it comes to kids.  I let my 6-year-old daughter temporarily color…… Continue reading Trendy Mom Shit

Dear Husband, We Need To Talk…Again…

Today I woke up with a killer headache and a proverbial itch that I just can’t scratch. What is this shit that has been happening to me? I like to blame the pandemic when I’m thinking about changes in myself. But, if I’m being honest, that’s not it at all. Dear Hubs, I’ve changed my…… Continue reading Dear Husband, We Need To Talk…Again…